What we do 

 Hi and welcome to our website, here you will find all the info you need to join us visit us or party with us. ​

The pony ranch is a centre that rescues and rehabilitates ponies in need. We operate as not for profit.
For us to pay for our day to Day basics of the ponies, we coach children how to look after them communicate with them and ride. 

Children of all ages and all abilities are welcome and we have a session especially designed to suit. 

Children learn not only to ride but how to care for, love and communicate too.

We have a programme that they follow to keep track on all things relating to owning a pony from first aid to jumping. 
Pony Parties
sessions that benefit all.
we offer sessions for free* to small local special needs groups.
pony parties are a wonderful memory for a special occasion such as a birthday party or school farye or even a wedding.  pony rides are included when you book a package to party and sparkle the ponies. 

Welcome to The Pony Ranch

  • Equine Behavourist
  • Over 30 years experience
  • DBS checked
  • Fully insured for all activities 
  • Licensed with East Herts council
  • Not for profit
  • Pony well being
  • Safety comes first 
  • Pony parties and Special occasions
  • Free* relaxtion time for special needs groups
  • Online help and theory 
  • Call, email, text or Facebook 
Using these methods to communicate with a pony is simply awesome. Its a magical way to have a relationship with pony and you get to know each other so well that a simple suggestion you make, the pony does it to please you.
With love being at the forefront followed by these methods is just perfect and helps you progress with many things such as teaching them tricks and getting great riding results.  
We make sure the children dont think its all easy peasy and you turn up ride and leave, there is hardwork involved and a requirement of basic care to the pony. we think it is important they learn responsibilty.